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IMMUNOPHEN™ is an all-natural product developed by Cellderm Technologies Inc. to help strengthen, balance and maintain your immune system.  IMMUNOPHEN™ contains LIGNA-PLEX™ a natural botanical extract derived from organic Scotch pine cones grown in the pristine forests of Eastern Canada. 

Pine cone extract has been scientifically documented to have anti-viral, anti-tumour and anti-bacterial properties. Taken daily it enhances the immune system at a cellular level to help lower allergy symptoms, inflammation and to fight disease.

Pine cone extract has been safely used for centuries around the world. Its healing properties have best been documented in Japan where it is used to strengthen the immune system to fight diseases from viruses to cancer. Japan has a significantly reduced rate of cancer compared to North America. 

100 mg of IMMUNOPHEN™ taken daily together with a healthy diet, exercise, lowered stress and good quality sleep is a strong support for the immune system. Pine cone extract has – through scientific research – been shown to help the body respond towards bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold. 

A healthy immune system is a joy forever.

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